Upcoming Events

  • Smith - Smith Wedding
    Sat, Aug 07
    Waverly Area Veterans Post (WAVP)
    Mr & Mrs Smith is not just a name of a movie... We are about to make it official today with these two Smiths.
  • The Blakewell PARTAY!!!
    Sat, Sep 25
    The Pub at the Pinicon
    All the "I do's" have been done and now we bring it to the dance floor. But first, we take another "shot" and renewal of vows.
  • Hakeman - Richards Wedding
    Sat, Oct 09
    Heartland Acres Agribition Center
    Breanna and Eric will be there, will you? I know we will, and that's a fact. The music will be bumpin' so we can all watch these two on their special day.
  • Wedding
    Fri, Oct 29
    The clock is ticking and we all have this date circled on our calendars. Time to make this dream day a reality.